Samick Pianos

Combining the finest materials and craftsmanship, beautiful case design with refined lines and curves, with world-renowned German scale designs providing a warm European voice, Samick pianos will make music for generations. Available in both grand and upright models, these pianos will fill any space with music and retain their value for years.

Knabe Pianos

"Wm. Knabe pianos are handmade, limited production pianos created in the finest tradition of the 300 years of piano crafting. Production pianos have their place in the world of music. They are tonally consistent and durable, but they lack the "soul" of a handcrafted instrument. Each handmade Knabe has its own personality. When you play a Knabe, you will sense the difference."

Piano Technicians Guild

"The [guild's] mission is to promote the highest possible standards of piano service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

"The rigorous technical examinations are used to certify piano technicians as Registered Piano Technicians (RPT). The RPT credential shows that the technician is a professional who can competently perform normal piano tuning, service and repair."

North Bennet Street School

"[Their] mission is to train students for careers in traditional trades that use hand skills in concert with evolving technology, to preserve and advance craft traditions, and to promote greater appreciation of craftsmanship."


"Louis Renner supplies the piano actions and primary action components to the world’s leading piano makers and technicians in over 80 countries, and is the largest, independent, piano action manufacturer in the world. 

"The company’s success is due to their unequaled quality and ability to produce custom made actions for each piano manufacturer and individual customer."

Emily Rose Piano Tuning

Emily Rose is an active member of the PTG and has trained extensively in local, regional and national Guild educational opportunities. In addition to caring for pianos in Vermont for the past several years she has also worked locally as a private piano instructor and performer.